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UDAIS 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that we will hold the VI. National Symposium on Diabetic Foot Infections (UDAIS 2021) (with international participation) which will be organized by Turkish Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (KLİMİK) Society Study Group For Diabetic Foot Infections (DAİÇG) on February 4-7, 2021 at Mirage Park Resort Hotel / Antalya.

High and rising diabetes rates in both developed and developing countries make managing the diabetic foot a critical public health problem. Diabetic individuals anywhere in the world suffer limb loss every 20 seconds – largely due to diabetic foot wounds. Unfortunately, the mortality rates in diabetic patients with major amputation are similar to those resulting from some fatal cancers. The aim of our symposium is to discuss and share information about foot complications in diabetic patients in the light of scientific knowledge and to prevent these complications.

As you know, Turkey serves as a geographic bridge between Europe and Asia. Here, we are aiming to make it an intellectual bridge as well, by bringing together experts and interested individuals from different cultures involved in all aspects of the diabetic foot. In this way we hope to share cultural characteristics to better evaluate and harmonise different approaches. Situated on the Southwest Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Antalya has been one of Anatolia’s gateways to the sea throughout history. Antalya’s pleasing climate, rich history, and diverse nature make it Turkey’s most beautiful city. We hope and expect that you will be accompanied by Antalya’s lovely weather in November during the time of the symposium. We aim to provide a rich scientific atmosphere to address different aspects of this issue.

Hope to meet yo at UDAIS 2021


Heads of the Symposium on behalf of KLİMİK Society DAİÇG
Prof. Dr. M. Bülent ERTUĞRUL
Prof. Dr. Özge TURHAN

Dear Colleagues,

Diabetic Foot – Global Problem

Recent Guidelines for Diabetic Foot Treatment

Non-Antibiotic Treatment Methods for Diabetic Foot Infections

Diabetic Foot and Rehabilitation; Before, During and After Treatment

Diabetic Foot Pain Management

Oxygen Based Approaches in Diabetic Foot Treatment

Chronic Wound Care Products

Recent Studies in Diabetic Foot Treatment

Chronic Wound Care Nurse and Diabetic Outpatient Care

Reconstruction for Diabetic Foot; When, Which Method

Rational Antibiotic Use in Diabetic Foot Infections

Factors and Resistance Problems in Diabetic Foot Infections

Diabetic Foot and Molecular Studies

Diabetic ambulatory load recovery and appropriate orthosis – Prosthesis

Nutrition and Problems in the Treatment of Diabetic Foot Wound

Technological Advances in the Care of Diabetic Foot Wound

Growth Factors and Other Assistive Methods in Diabetic Foot Treatment

Diabetic Foot and Vascular Approaches

The podology; World and Turkey

Diabetic Foot Care Uni