Deadline for Abstract Submission: January 25, 2021.

Paper submission for the 6th National Diabetic Foot Infections Symposium UDAIS 2021 can be made only through the website www.udais2021.org. Papers sent by fax, electronic or regular mail or delivered by hand will not be accepted. Abstracts should be prepared in Turkish/English. Paper presentations will be made in Turkish/English. The Paper Review and Evaluation Committee has the right to accept or reject the paper according to the content of the study and the number of applications, and, in case of acception, to change the format and category of the abstract.

The conditions for the papers submitted to be accepted as presentations are as follows:

  • The choice of presentation of the authors, i.e., Oral (Research) or Oral (Case) or Poster (Research) or Poster (Case) shall be indicated when sending the paper.
  • Only the first letter of the abstract title shall be capitalized (Abbreviations are exceptions).
  • The name and surname, the institution they work in and city of the paper authors shall be clearly stated in the relevant section of the system. However, there shall not be any sentence to introduce the institution or researchers in the abstract.
  • Academic titles shall not be used in names.
  • The researcher who will make the presentation shall be specified among the researchers who prepared the paper.
  • Abstract shall not exceed 3000 letters including spaces.
  • Abstracts shall be separated according to the following sections and these headings shall be written with CAPITAL LETTERS in the carriage returns.
    Oral (Research) and Poster (Research) Papers:
    Oral (Case) and Poster (Case) Papers:
  • Studies receiving any project support or other research support shall be indicated in the “Note to the Scientific Committee ”section.
  • Any financial links of researchers (if any) shall be indicated in the “Note to the Scientific Committee ”section.
  • Papers that are still in progress and whose results have not been received yet and which do not include the above sections (except case reports) will not be evaluated.
  • The abstracts sent via the online abstract system will be printed in the same form, so spelling mistakes should be taken into consideration. Authors are responsible for all typographical errors.

Evaluation of Papers

Evaluations will be made by the Paper Evaluation Committee by keeping the names, surnames and institutions of researchers confidential. In order for the papers to be evaluated, at least one of the researchers must have completed the symposium registration process.

Abstracts submitted will be evaluated according to the criteria of which the main titles are given below:

  • PURPOSE (determination of a clear purpose):Whether the study has a clear hypothesis, research question or purpose
  • METHOD (use of valid methods): Specifying the method of the study; whether said method is a valid method for such research; whether the research was conducted in a complete and systematic manner and whether appropriate statistical methods were used.
  • ITS IMPORTANCE (scientific contribution): Whether the results of the study are important in terms of responding to an existing information gap in the field of Diabetic Foot, understanding the process of development of a disease, and leading to improvements in the diagnosis or treatment of the disease.
  • ITS PRESENTATION (clear, accurate and appropriate expression): Whether the title and the abstract are logically and dramatically written in accordance with the abstract writing and spelling rules.

Acceptance - Rejection Responses

All submitted papers will be evaluated by the Paper Evaluation Committee and decided whether they will be accepted for presentation. Acceptance or rejection responses will be sent to you in writing from 20 January 2021.